SLM metal printing service

2020-01-07 14:28:05

SLM is a technique in which metal powder is completely melted under the action of the heat of the laser beam and solidified by cooling. Each final part is melted by one layer, and each layer is melted, the platform is lowered, new The powder is spread over this layer to repeat the above process. The real molding principle is that the laser hits a certain energy density into the powder layer, so that the powder in the scanned area reaches a molten state. The energy density received by the powder is related to many factors of the laser, such as scanning speed, scanning pitch, scanning. Power, the energy of the laser forms a molten pool on the surface of the metal powder to form a molten pool, and the molten pool affects the surrounding powder forming welding effect.

The laser will scan the molten area that needs to be formed according to a certain regularity and direction. According to the reasonable naturalization scan path of different materials, the scanning area can be divided into strips, checkers, etc., which can effectively release the internal stress of the parts and plan each layer of scanning. Vectors can reduce internal defects to yield higher density, better mechanical properties.


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