Ceramic 3D Printing Equipment

3DCeram was founded in 2001 in Limoges, France. After more than ten years of hard work, it has become an expert in the field of ceramic 3D printing, and has combined itself with 30 years of printing in the field of inorganic materials. Formed a unique technology for the rapid preparation of complex structural ceramics.

Since 2005, we have used our unique ceramic additive manufacturing technology to provide printing services to our customers. After ten years of continuous improvement, 3DCeram launched the industry's first industrial-grade ceramic printer CERARAMER and supporting consumables 3DMix series in 2015. Print material.

The pace of innovation has never stopped, 3DCeram will continue to introduce ceramic 30 printers with different functions and printing materials of different materials.



Optional material:



Zircone 3Y 3Y zirconia

Zircone 8y 8y zirconia

HAP hydroxyapatite

TCP calcium phosphate

Si3N4 silicon nitride


ATZ alumina gain zirconia

Formulas on demand other materials


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