EXONE Metal 3D Printing Device

ExOne was formally established in 2005. Formerly a division of ExtrudeHone, a non-traditional machine tool and automation system precision instrument development supplier in the United States for more than 40 years. Now ExOne has developed into 3D printing and laser micro-machining technology, focusing on the manufacture and sales of 3D printers, printing products and laser micro-machining equipment, in order to target customers with pre-design and casting, after-sales training and technology. Support and a special product chain complemented by the supply of parts and consumables.

Conventional printing materials for ExOne's products include silica sand, ceramics, stainless steel, copper and glass, as well as printing licenses for other industrial grades such as titanium, tungsten carbide, aluminum and magnesium.


ExOne is developing a new rapid production technology tool and mechanical energy to generate parts or prototypes manufactured by additive. Using standard foundry materials, the ExOne system can be integrated into existing plant operations, with traditional work manufacturing processes. Offering the largest construction dimensions including sand and metal, ExOne is a reality for a wide range of industries, aerospace and automotive energy/oil/gas/pump and medical industries.



ExOne's additive manufacturing operations in the aerospace industry include complex gearboxes and covers, fuel tanks, transmission housings, light engine parts, structural hinges, impellers and blades. Because of the ability of ExOne to build scale, large parts can be built more easily than traditional manufacturing methods, and assembly is often required. Aerospace customer value creates the ability to spare parts for traditional systems, such as in the defense sector, where many replacement parts are no longer stocked.


Automobile industry

In the automotive industry, ExOne produces engine components such as cylinder heads, intake manifolds and engine blocks. Because, because of the additive nature of the three-dimensional printing process, designers are able to create innovative development cycles for innovative cars and racing engines. Design changes to the prototype engine within a few days, a designer can perform a full test of actual casting in a few days. The mold and core segments can be integrated to reduce casting preparation time and improve casting performance.


Energy / Oil / Gas / Pump Industry

Regardless of size or complexity, for customers in the energy, oil, gas and pump industries, ExOne offers the fastest and most cost-effective way to cast and replace impellers, volute shapes and rotating parts.



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