Gefertec Arc Wire Feeding 3D Printing System

Gefertec 电弧送丝3D打印系统

GEFERTEC Introduction

As the inventor of 3DMP® (3D Metal Print) technology, GEFERTEC has become an innovation leader in the field of additive manufacturing of metal components, especially those with a major volume (up to 3 cubic meters) and high quality.

Founded in Berlin in 2015, the company has a significant installed base in well-known customers in the industry of job-shop, aerospace or research. At least since the EMAG Group's entry – from strategic partners to investors, it was in 2018 – 3DMP® has been firmly established as a new industry standard on the market.

The 3DMP® method itself combines proven arc welding technology with user-friendly CAM software and a line of arc printers in the form of wire. Compared with powder, wire has the advantages of better handling and easier storage. The material is widely selected and the utilization rate is close to 100%.

Currently, there are approximately 30 alloys (aluminum, steel, nickel-based, titanium) with process reliability. In this way, the cost can be reduced by 60% compared to the chip, and most importantly, starting from a batch size of 1.

In addition, 3DMP® significantly reduces lead times because it eliminates the upstream processes required to use traditional solutions, such as the procurement of raw materials, semi-finished products and/or molds. 3DMP® also allows for the creation of completely new dimensions for the workpiece itself, for example by adding cooling channels or by blending different materials such as copper on steel. All of this is especially true for complex applications, as all 3D printers in the arc4xx and arc6xx series offer three-axis or five-axis processing.

Gefertec 电弧送丝3D打印系统

GEFERTEC Series equipment introduction

Gefertec 电弧送丝3D打印系统

Gefertec 电弧送丝3D打印系统

Application scenario

Gefertec 电弧送丝3D打印系统

Application field:

Gefertec 电弧送丝3D打印系统

Supportable material


Ni-Based/ 镍基:

Non Ferrous Metals/ 有色金属:

1.2343 (tool steel)

1.3912 (Nickel 36)

3.7165 (Ti6Al4V/ Grade 5/)

1.2367 (tool steel)

2.4856 (Alloy 625)

2.0921 (Copper based/ 铜基)

1.3346 (hard-facing steel)

2.4668 (Alloy 718)*


1.4718 (tool steel)


Aluminum/ :

1.4316 (stainless steel)

1.4370 (stainless steel)

1.4332 (stainless steel)

1.4430 (stainless steel)

1.4462 (high-alloyed CrNi Duplex)

3.0805 (Al99,5Ti)

1.4551 (stainless steel steel)

3.2245 (4043 AlSi5)

1.4718 (hard-facing)

3.2315 (6082 AlMgSi1)*

1.5112 (mild steel)

3.2371 (4018 AlSi7)

1.5125 (mild steel)

3.3206 (6063 AlMgSi0,7)

1.5130 (mild steel)

3.3536 (5754 AlMg3)

1.6834 (low-alloy)

3.3548 (5183 AlMg4,5Mn)


3.3556 (5356 AlMg5)

3.3546 (5087 AlMg4,5MnZr)

* under examination/ 实验中


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