Lens Metal Printing Service



Technical principle:

Lens (laser engineered net) technology based on synchronous powder feeding Shaping), under the control of the focused laser beam, it moves according to the preset path. At the same time, the powder nozzle directly transports the metal powder to the molten pool formed by the laser spot on the solid substrate, making it solidify from point to line and from line to surface, so as to complete the printing of a layer section. In this way, the parts are overlapped layer by layer to create a near net shape.

Lens technology uses kilowatt level laser, because the laser focus spot is large, generally more than 1mm, we can get the metallurgical combination of compact metal entity, but the size accuracy and surface finish are general, need further machining before using. Laser cladding is a complex physical and chemical metallurgical process. The parameters in the process of cladding have a great influence on the quality of cladding parts. The process parameters of laser cladding mainly include laser power, spot diameter, defocusing amount, powder feeding speed, scanning speed, bath temperature, etc.

Technical features:

High performance

With higher laser power and larger spot diameter, lens forming can obtain better metallurgical combination;

Multi material composite manufacturing

A variety of metal materials are combined as a single sample in the form of gradual change of composition, and any combination of materials is manufactured;


Highly focused local processing to reduce heating and heating areas

Unlimited size

It can be used to make large-size parts, not limited by equipment size

low cost

Lens technology has a wider powder size range, high powder utilization, and reduces time and cost for remanufacturing worn and missing parts

Application field:

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         Aerospace (repair + forming)           Construction machinery (cladding)        


Direct metal additive manufacturing equipment(LENS)

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The LENS laser cladding forming equipment uses high-power laser-melted metal powder and deposits layer by layer according to a preset trajectory to form metal parts.

For high-activity metal materials, such as titanium alloys, aluminum alloys, etc.

The equipment adopts integral sealing structure and is equipped with gas circulation purification system to strictly control the oxygen content of the processing chamber to less than 100ppm to prevent oxidation of materials and ensure chemical composition and mechanical properties.

Precision CNC CNC system is used to ensure the dimensional and shape accuracy of metal parts.


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